The Hidden Gem of Italian Sports Cars

             This site is devoted to sharing some the finest examples in the world of this beautifully handcrafted gem of Italian design and engineering. Not one person who has ever had the opportunity to view a Siata 208 Spyder has ever expressed anything but sheer wonderment as to the combination of exquisite,voluptuous curves and muscular proportions that the design of this automobile displays.

             There is no doubt that the shape and proportions of the Siata 208S Spyder served to directly influence some of the most popular sports cars in history. The AC Bristol, AC Cobra and Shelby Cobra all owe their design heritage to the genius of Giovanni Michelotti, whose 1952 design predated that of all the foregoing. This timeless design is as popular today as it was breathtaking in 1952. The oft-repeated reiterations of the Shelby Cobra to this very day serve to pay homage to what is Michelotti's arguably more beautiful design.

            SIATA, Società Italiana Auto Trasformazione Accessori, was established in Turin by Giorgio Ambrosini in 1926.Initially a manufacturer of speed equipment for FIATs – dual carburetor manifolds, high compression cylinder heads, overhead valve conversions, superchargers, gearsets and even complete gearboxes – SIATA enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with FIAT (much like the modern day tuner relationships that have existed between AMG/Mercedes, Alpina/BMW, Saleen/Ford, etc.). The enhanced performance of SIATA-equipped FIATs brought competition success and encouraged sales without FIAT’s direct involvement.

           Two of the finest examples in the United States and in the world of original, number matching 208S Spyders are those owned by Elliott Dolin of Los Angeles and Larry Solomon of  Northern California, the former having won Best In Class at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in 2008, as seen in this photo.....

The 208S currently owned by Larry Solomon was a previous class winner at Pebble Beach under the ownership of Ron Hein, of Southern California.

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